Enable ssh on a Cisco PIX firewall

To enable ssh on a Cisco Pix firewall, firstly make sure you have set a hostname and domain name:

pixfirewall(config)#hostname myfirewall

myfirewall(config)# domain-name oasysadmin.local

Set an enable password and telnet password:

myfirewall(config)# enable password 3n48lePa55word

myfirewall(config)# passwd t3ln3tPa55word

Next generate an RSA key pair by issuing the following command:

myfirewall(config)# ca generate rsa key 2048

Then save the key:

myfirewall(config)# ca save all

Next specify the hosts or networks that you want to be able to access the device through ssh:

ssh inside

Finally use an ssh client such as Putty to access your device, specifying pix as the username and your telnet password as the password.



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