Force Manual Synchronisation When Using Azure AD Connect

The method to force a synchronisation of you on premise active directory with Office 365 has changed from the method previously used with Dirsync when using the newer Azure AD Connect. In order to force a synchronisation you now need to navigate to:

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Azure AD Sync\Bin 

Then run:

DirectorySyncClientCmd delta


Determine Which Version of Powershell is installed

If you need to find out which version of Powershell is installed on a machine simply open Powershell and type:


Find Out if an Update, Hotfix or KB is installed on a Windows Server Using Powershell

In Powershell versions 2 and above you can use the get-hotfix command to determine whether a particular update, KB or hotfix is installed on a Windows Server or client. Simply open Powershell and run the following command:

get-hotfix -id KBxxxxxx

Where KBxxxxxx is the name of the update you wish to search for.